Why Salon Color?

Box color, the stuff we find in drugstores, is a quick fix for your hair. Ta da! A new you! No longer mousy brown, but now a devastating redhead! Gone are the streaks of gray, replaced by a solid block of blond locks. The appeal of box color cannot be denied. And at $8 a pop, what’s the downside?

Box color looks fake. Are we in high school? Are we in a punk band? Or do we want to look real? Do we want to have glorious hair, instead of just NOT gray, or NOT what we’ve always been? To ramp up our game, ladies, I must insist on salon color for all of us. Here’s why:

  1. As we get older, our hair gets drier and requires more love and attention.  Salon color is designed to minimize the chemical assault to our hair, and even adds conditioners to protect our hair on a daily basis.
  2. Salon professionals put the color just where it is needed, so we don’t subject previously colored hair to more damage.
  3. Our hair is not just one color.  It is a combination of lights and darks (high lights and low lights) that box color cannot replicate. The solid color result from box color may work well as a statement, for young women seeking to set themselves apart from the herd, but for the rest of us who ache for a wonderful head of hair, a professional color application is the answer.
  4. Professionally applied highlights and lowlights bring depth to the hair and naturalness to the hair.  They look great, and can brighten up your whole appearance, subltly or dramatically, according to your preference.  But because highlights are applied on previously colored hair, not just the roots, they require a careful and professional approach to minimize damage to the hair.
  5. You may argue against the price of a professional salon visit.  I would say you totally get what you pay for.  However, why not consider this? Visit your salon every other time you color your hair. In between salon visits, touch up your roots with an off-the-shelf product.  At least that way you’d get the professional attention your hair deserves, while cutting your costs in half.