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Shelly LeHeureux, Hair Salon leesburg va

“I love to see a client smile when they see their looks enhanced by my art. Many can’t believe how their appearance can be powerfully by just a few changes.”

These days its easier than ever to have wonderful, smooth, natural-looking hair, no matter what age you are or what kind of hair you have!  If you’ve been resigning yourself to going gray, or to using  the unnatural assault of boxed color products for your hair, you need to come in and talk to Meshell!  Face it, we’re living longer than our parents, and we can look as young as we feel thanks to the explosion of hair care technology available to us today!  Our hair care products can give you rich color, smooth, manageable texture, and pretty highlights to brighten up your face.   You have absolutely NO idea of how beautiful you can look and feel with the proper hair care and style  Meshell provides.

“Hair has always been my passion because it has the ability to provide an instant change to your look AND outlook!  We can  ALL feel beautiful!” 

Beautiful hair for women
Beautiful hair for women

Meshell LeHeureux (pronounced La Rue) has been a professional hairstylist and colorist for over 20 years, as well as owner of Leesburg’s popular Old Towne Hair Design.  She has recently brought her business to the Hair Studio in Leesburg, VA.

Shelly knows that the key to good color is knowing the end result before you start. She mixes up specific formulas for each color client, and can make adjustments to get the effect the client is looking for. That’s what keeps the business interesting and a challenge for Shelly. She says “Its exciting to have a client walk in and invite me to use my skills and experience to bring forward their best self.”

Shelly’s has Advanced Cutting Skills from the Graham Webb School of Hair Cutting, and is certified in Kadus and Fermicetes color systems. Shelly travels nationwide to keep her skills on the cutting edge, including 3 separate training sessions ay the Board of Certified Colorists Summit in Los Angeles. She takes 6-10 classes a year to keep up with current trends in hair care, such as the most advanced hair foiling techniques. She offers her clients a full beauty consultation, taking into account hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle, to find a hairstyle that the client will love and can manage on a daily basis.

Beautiful hair for women leesburg hair salon“I take the time on a personal level to consider your facial shade,  your skin type, and your lifestyle!”

Shelly uses the Kadus Hair Color System from Germany, which she finds more gentle than some American products. Kadus products are biodegradeable, and use recyclable packaging. Shelly sees lots of clients who have been putting their faith in off-the-shelf “box color” products, which she calls “paint-by-numbers” kits. “There is no way box color can look real or natural, since no one’s hair is a solid color. Box color can’t take into account the texture of one’s hair, whether its straight, coarse, or fine, or the density of the gray to be covered, or how the texture can change from the roots to the ends of the hair.”